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Shutterfly Share Site: HERE

We welcome everyone to add photos to our team Shutterfly Share site. When adding, please do not create a new album for your photos. Simply scroll down and add them to the appropriate album already created. Please review your photos for quality and repeats verses uploading every photo. Thank You!!

Shutterfly also has an app that makes it really easy to upload photos right from your phone.

Be sure to download the Shutterfly Share Sites app (not the regular Shutterfly app).

*Please note that the first time you visit the Shutterfly Share Site you will need to request to be added as a member of the site.

It is helpful if you include your swimmer's name in the request to be added.

2021-2022 End-of-Season Slide Show

There is a link to the 2021-2022 end of season slide show on the team Shutterfly Share Site (it's on the right side of the page). It is an unlisted video on YouTube so you must have the link to access it.  

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